Policy brief or congressional testimony designed to convince Congress to continue or alter current policy

This assignment further builds on your first
two policy analysis papers. This may also be a policy brief or a congressional
testimony designed to convince the Congress to continue or alter the current
policy. The paper should be approximately 6–7 typed pages (excluding
references) and can, but is not required to be a group project. If you want to
work on a group project, you can only collaborate with those students who have
been working on the same policy as you for assignments #1 and #2. Discuss your
chosen policy (the policy you chose for assignments #1 & #2, above) with
regard to the following:

Select one of the weaknesses in the current policy that you feel strongly about and want to see fixed. For example, while working on your previous papers on Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), you found that FMLA would serve poor working mothers better if the policy provided a paid leave. Propose a recommendation (or a set of recommendations) or alternative policy(ies) to remedy the weakness you have identified. When recommending alternative policies, be sure to justify your suggestions. For this, use multiple sources of data: literature review, expert opinions, and news media. If there are bills that incorporate your idea but have not yet been passed, that is a good place to start. You may also use the results from a pilot project or state or international experience to strengthen your case. Discuss changes in allocations, provisions, delivery, and financing mechanisms in the alternative policy you propose. Critically assess the strengths and weaknesses of your proposed change. Include in this discussion how vulnerable groups in society, including minorities, women and children, the poor, and LGBT populations will fare from such changes. Discuss strategies for bringing the new/revised policy into being.

Useful study materials: https://essays.io/dissertation-methodology-examples-samples/

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