Outstanding Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students

An argumentative essay is a paper that provides the reader with both sides of an issue, and your perspective on the matter. Such a paper aims at providing information supporting both sides of the discussion as well as your point of view, or standpoint on the deliberation. The topic of an argumentative paper is often a controversial or contentious issue with available research material.
Most college students prefer when their instructor provides them with topics for their argumentative writing assignments. However, the chosen theme will limit your creativity and is more likely to impact the overall quality of the argumentative paper negatively. When you have control over the topic of your assignments, you can organize yourself better.
How to Select the Best Argumentative Essay Topic? Get the Answer Today
A good topic should be both exciting and informative, and you should always remember that even though selecting a suitable hading may not be easy; it is a necessary step in the writing process. Thus, the ability to develop or choose an excellent argumentative subject matter is also an important skill, one that is often overlooked by students. When selecting a theme for your assignment, here are a few things you should do:
Understand the requirements
Brainstorm for ideas of the most suitable topic
Settle for one with readily available research material
Form the subject as a research question
Ensure the problem is relatable and in line with the assignment’s requirements
The subject of your paper does not just appear on your document or assignment; it takes significant effort and skill to develop one that is suitable. You can get examples of topics from online writing companies such as ours who provide a comprehensive list of argumentative essay topic for various disciplines.
Updated List of Argumentative Essay Topics Online
We have compiled a list of subjects that you can use with your argumentative essay. The subject matters are written by our experienced team of writers to be relevant, informative and up to date with current and emerging trends. All the topics we provide are, well-defined, clear and to the point, correctly formatted and always applicable to current events.
Also, out topics list is subdivided into various disciplines to help students with navigating the website with considerable ease. Here are some examples of such topics:
Why does the rate of obesity keep rising in the US?
Should education be free for every person?
How do international students benefit from student exchange programs?
Advantaged and disadvantages of specific courses
How can you maintain healthy eating habits?
Physical education in every school’s curricula
The negative effects of fasting
The worldwide ban on the use of performance-enhancing drugs
The relationship between health, food and body weight
Which is the best sport?
How can you stay safe in sports?
The most dangerous sporting activities worldwide
Should the distribution and sale of tobacco be made illegal?
Why was it a good idea to abolish the death penalty?
At what age do most teenagers start drinking?
The industrial revolution, a blessing or a curse
Should live animals be used for research and experimentation?
Depletion of water catchment areas
Global warming and its effect on the seas and oceans
How electric vehicles can help reduce the carbon footprint
Why should teenagers be allowed to vote?
Energy drinks and their effects on the body
Smoking in public is a health hazard to those around you
The government should regulate alcohol consumption and drug use
Negative effects of earthquakes
How people can harness the power of nature
Which subject combinations are the best today?
The destructiveness of natural disasters and how people can learn to avoid them
Have the global changes in climate been for the better or worse?
Are most electoral processes free and fair?
Is the level of taxation acceptable for each person?
How curfews keep teenagers out of trouble
The over-dependence on computers and computer systems
The dangers of prolonged exposure to harmful rays
Ethics of child-targeted marketing campaigns
Does widespread sexual education prevent teenage pregnancies
The risks mobile phones pose to humans
Behavior problems caused by early exposure to inappropriate media
Should the legal drinking age be increased?
Effects of same-sex marriages in today’s societies
Is it okay for prisoners to be allowed to participate in business activities actively?
Effects of attending single-sex institutions of learning
Is the government obligated to provide free health care services to its people?
The rise in the cost of learning
Competitive nature of college applications
Should euthanasia and DNR requests be legal?
How gun control has reduced incidents of gun-related violence in the US
Do the rich pay more taxes?
Benefits of the various religions worldwide
Is the legalization of marijuana for medical use a good idea?
Why should you recycle your household waste?
Should torture be used to collect information from prisoners?
Why are there diverse differences in child behavior?
Are school fees and other academic expenses to too exploitive nowadays?
People’s views on abortion |Should it be illegal?
Pros and cons of the implementation of the 24-hour economy for African countries
Examples of Argumentative Essay Questions
Below is a list of some of the sample topics we have on our website arranged according to four disciplines:
What is the effectiveness of the death penalty?
Is tobacco more harmful than bhang?
Is it advisable to start a journal?
Is people’s privacy infringed upon by cameras in public places?
Have people become too dependent on the internet?
Are eBooks better than printed books?
Does the amount of homework impact grades?
Should there be drug tests in schools?
Argumentative Essay Ideas
Having learned of the qualities and characteristics of an excellent argumentative paper topic, you are now better equipped to use any one of our topics provided online. What you need to do is identify a suitable subject on our website. However, the themes we provide are supposed to be used as examples and templates to help you develop your topic and avoid any cases of plagiarism.
Nonetheless, if you do not feel that you are up to the challenge of writing, there is another option you can choose. You can place an order to have an original argumentative essay written from scratch by our writers. We are among the best online writing companies, and we would be more than happy to assist you in any way we can. Place your first order today.

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