List of Philosophy Dissertation Topics and Questions

Writing philosophy papers presents challenges because the majority of philosophy topics pursue questions that have no specific answers or issues to which no solutions have been found. Such topics mostly rely on critical thinking of the students to defend their arguments. This guide highlights some tips to help you choose appropriate questions as well as sample topics to consider.
Do you Know How to Select the Best Philosophy Dissertation Topic?
The selection procedure aims to find what topic you can explore best. However, selecting a topic for your dissertation can be the difference between success and failure in your paper. You need to be careful in the selection process because it dictates the nature of your dissertation paper. So how do you select the best one? Below are some useful tips to help you determine a suitable dissertation topic.
Knowledge on the Subject Matter
Pick a topic which you are familiar with. Many students have gotten stuck or failed to complete the work because they realized later that the topic was ‘too hard for them.’ You are given the freedom of choice, and you should use it to your advantage.
Your Interests
Choose a topic that aligns with questions that fascinate you or issues that you are interested in. Writing about something that you like is motivating, and thus you are likely to complete the work on time.
Too wide or too narrow topics are your enemies. Find a topic whose content can fit within the required number of pages. You should be able to exhaust all the essential points in a topic and adequately present them in the dissertation.
We Have a List of Philosophy Dissertation Topics to Guide You
Philosophy dissertations are based on themes such as religion, theology, ethics, epistemology, morality, ontology and many more. Unfortunately, we cannot cover them all here. However, our experts have gathered random sample topics to help give you some inspiration in creating one of your own. The topics include:
How God and the grounds of morality affects human actions
The theory of resistance and its impact on human beings
Theories behind moral obligation and how they affect society
The rationality of taboo and its consequences to human practices
The moral justification between combatants killing each other in war and murder.
The justification behind the use of terror tactics in war and their effects on society.
The difference between blasphemy laws and freedom of expression.
An examination of shame in relation to immoral art.
An application of corporate social responsibility to the entertainment industry.
Investigating artificial intelligence against philosophical logic.
An analysis and defense of the concept of evil.
An analysis of religion versus ethics and defense of medical studies opting to use animal parts to save human lives.
The philosophical foundations in ancient Indian medicine.
The concept of empathy and how it lacks in sadists.
An analysis of the concept of happiness and its direct correlation to helping others.
A basic ontology of play and leisure.
Ethics and religion in William of Ockham philosophy.
The logic behind the insanity defense.
Philosophy Dissertation Questions You Can Consider
Below are sample questions that can help you develop a topic for your philosophy dissertation.
Why can’t physics explain the presence of evil in the world?
Would it be ethical to get brain implants that give you an eidetic memory?
Is God real?
Should voluntary euthanasia be legalized?
What makes an action to be considered evil?
Why should we be moral?
Should science be controlled?
Can all forms of equality ever be achieved?
Is it morally justifiable to sterilize another human being?
Do genetics determine human behavior?
Is sexual behavior the key to interpreting human behavior?
Why do we have dreams?
Does wealth make life easier or harder?
Find Your Fit with Philosophy Dissertation Ideas You Can Pursue
There are many concepts in philosophy that you can choose to explore to develop a dissertation topic. Let’s highlight some of them:
Deductive reasoning
The illusion of free will
Knowledge and the nature of knowledge
The existence of life beyond death
Moral reasoning
War crimes
The concept of beauty
Human rights
The concept of modernism
The concept of humanitarianism
Theory of functionalism
Fatalism concept
Ethics and decision making
Political obligation
Human behavior and genetics
The concept of equality
Philosophy as a way of life
Philosophy science and the concept of substance
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