Intercultural Business Communication Homework

Cultural Profile – Your Learning      .

Discuss what you learned from your
Cultural Profile. Did the results from the profile accurately describe you?

According to the results of the
profile, how did you compare with the norms of the culture of your native

What were some similarities? What
were some of the differences?                                                                             

Challenges and Barriers of Diversity in Society and Organizations.

are many challenges and barriers that individuals face who must adapt from 1
culture to another.

of the Cultural Islands exercise. What barriers or challenges do many
individuals and organizations face?

How do individuals and organizations overcome these barriers?  

Communication Process – Effectiveness and Barriers.                                                          

What are the causes of
miscommunications between 2 people? Between a person and their leader/manager?

How can we ensure that the barriers of miscommunication are overcome?

Cultural Comparisons                       

comparing one culture with another, what are some of the elements of a Cultural
Profile that need to be considered?

How would you become more aware of the norms in another culture? Why might your cultural norms be different from someone from another country?  

Role of Culture in Communications          

How and why does culture influence
communication styles?       

Creating Friendships             

are some of the ways in which we create friendships? What area some of the
factors/reasons that determine if we are (or not) friendly with someone?

How important are friendships in building a strong Intercultural organization?                                

Verbal and Non-Verbal Communications

role do verbal and non-verbal communications serve in how we communicate with

How can verbal and/or
non-verbal communications lead to misunderstandings between 2 people from
different cultures? How can we overcome these differences?

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