How to make sound investments using the British National Lottery

Winning £1 million is no everyday occurrence that comes with a lot of excitement and expectations. It yields a lot of ideas on how to spend or invest the money. You have probably thought of buying a new car, clearing your mortgage, or going on a Safari in East Africa. These are, however, short-term activities that are bound to drain your income, denying you the opportunity to capitalize on the real fruits winning the British National Lottery.  I am, therefore, glad that you have given investment a priority as you seek to guarantee yourself a financially secure future. As you are giving up employment, you will require a portfolio that not only guarantees you income of £100,000 per annum, but also the least susceptible to risk factors such as inflation.

The most important thing to note is that your target of £100,000 per year would be almost impossible to attain, especially if you were to invest in mainstream businesses. Depositing your money in a savings account or participating in government bonds would not bring you much income as they earn interests less than five percent; this translates to a paltry £50,000 per annum at the maximum. You also stand the risk of losing a lot of money should inflation rates rise uncontrollably, or should the pound weaken in the currency market (Tyson, 2011). To achieve your goals, a low-risk strategy that guarantees 10% returns is desirable. This can be realized by coming up with a portfolio that combines different investment strategies. This should include acquiring and holding on to assets, a low-risk strategy, and investing in intermediate-term bonds, which present medium risk, but with potential for high levels of income. In addition, you could also invest in the “Daily Paycheck” business. Combining these investments presents you with the best opportunity to meet your objectives as the assets you acquire will provide you with the security you desire while the intermediate-term bonds and daily paychecks, if properly managed, will rake in enough income to push you towards the £100,000 annual income. The subsequent sections of this article provide a breakdown of how you can make the two investments.

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