How healthcare marketing principles and theories can maximize effectiveness of a specific healthcare system

Healthcare marketing refers to the creation, communication, and delivery of health-related information and interventions through science-based and customer-centered strategies with the intention of protecting and promoting the health of various populations (Fortenberry & Fortenberry, 2010). It is a practice that seeks to promote utilizing marketing research to inform, motivate, and educate the general public about health. Various healthcare systems leverage on healthcare marketing to inform, educate, and make the public aware of their healthcare services and products. In this case, the focus is on home healthcare, which entails the provision of skilled nursing, occupational therapy, aide services, physical therapy, medical social work, and speech therapy to beneficiaries in home settings.
How home healthcare systems legally market their services and products
Before marketing home healthcare system services and products, it is imperative to abide by federal requirements and state mandates (Shalowitz et al, 2013)…..

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