Current Issues in HRM

Each student is responsible for writing a
review of a current HRM issue related to compensation
and benefits. The
HRM issue must be a current controversy, challenge, opportunity, problem, or
trend facing HR leaders.

Students are to cite at least seven (7)
references for each review. This means that you are to refer to the information
in these sources in a relevant way throughout your paper and presentation using
the APA format. Please see the MSLM APA Sample Paper on Bb for guidance. One
reference must be the text book and at least four (4) references must be journal articles from scholarly sources using the University of La Verne library or
Google Scholar search. The remainder of your references can come from a wide
variety of non-scholarly sources including newspapers, business magazines, and
professional HRM organizations such as SHRM (
which are also excellent choices especially if you are a member of them. Please
have a list of references on a separate page at the end of the document. Every
citation in the text of your paper and presentation must be listed in the
references section at the end of your paper and presentation. Every reference
at the end of your paper and presentation must be cited in a relevant manner in
the text of your paper and presentation.

Your review and presentation should
contain the following three sections:

Description of the HRM issueClearly state the HRM issue in the form of an interesting question like the examples above.Thoroughly explain the question that you have raised. What does it mean?Highlight why addressing or resolving this HRM issue is important. How does it impact the management of employees and organizational effectiveness?Explain your personal interest in the research question. What were you curious about?Review of the HRM issueWhat do the sources state about your question?Is there agreement among the authors of your references or are their views and research results conflicting or mixed?What is your opinion based upon your review of the literature? What is your position?2. Relationship of research question raised to HRM functions (See Chapter 1 – e.g. Job Design, Employee Development, etc.)

Identify three (3) HRM functions to which your research question relates. For instance, assume that your question is: How are worksite health promotion programs reducing health care costs of employees? Then you could identify occupational safety and health, benefits, and recruitment as three related HRM functions. Describe how your research question impacts each of these three HRM functions.This activity is designed to help you find
your interests in HRM, expand your understanding of HRM systems and processes,
and recognize the interconnections among HRM functions.

For the current HRM issue that you select,
you will post on Bb a five (5) page paper excluding
the title page and the reference list and give a 10-minute maximum presentation
using slides of your paper in class.

Useful study materials:

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