Capitalistic corruption – an impersonal economy lacking truly human purpose fueled by corruption at the highest of levels

This essay is being written about the issue of an impersonal economy lacking truly human purpose fueled by corruption at the highest of levels.
Instructions (on sources)
I need 4 scholarly articles and 3 Internet sources that reliable. All of which are there to support all of my claims.
The outline is the organization for the essay in chronological order.
each and every claim needs citation as support
(This is to clarify what the exact instructions of what information goes into each of these categories) please read and follow these instructions.
Introductions and conclusions are great places to appeal to your reader’s emotions—or to use other rhetorical appeals, such as logos (an appeal to reason), pathos (an appeal to emotion), or ethos (an appeal to ethics or our sense of morality). Why should we care about what you have to say?
Remember that for substantial essays like this one, introductions and conclusions can be about two paragraphs each. Also, when composing your introduction consider including the elements of an argumentative introduction we have discussed in class (common ground, the problem as comprised of a destabilizing condition and consequences or costs, a brief statement of opposing views, and your thesis).
Background information is important. The history of an organization, a person, a country, etc. could be important to showing your reader that you really know your subject and that your argument is persuasive.
You will also wish to include any definitions which might be necessary to your readers’ full understanding of technical terminology used. Academic books and articles (scholarly, peer-reviewed) will be particularly helpful with this element of your paper.
A Claim Paragraph is one option for preparing your readers for your argument. Within it you may restate your thesis and mention your reasons for holding the view you will support throughout your argument. This paragraph need not be long; it is meant only to highlight the reasons you will discuss in depth in the remainder of your essay.
Counterarguments (or opposing views) are important to include. You may include a discussion of your opponents’ viewpoint in one or two paragraphs either directly after your claim paragraph and before you begin to develop your argument, or after you offer your fully developed argument so that a portion of your conclusion operates as refutation. Alternatively, you may wish to integrate counterarguments within the body of your argument by infusing them within the discussion of each your supporting reasons—first by offering your opponents’ view on this reason and then by offering the strength of your own view in refutation.
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