Awesome Beowulf Essay Topics, Questions and Ideas

Many students find medieval history and literature interesting. Unfortunately, most of them consider it challenging to choose a topic to write about once through reading the poem. Beowulf is an epic story, and students love it. It captures their imagination and brings the story to life, and that is why it is a favourite for many. While writing essays based on Beowulf might seem like a simple task, this is not the case for every student- especially a student who is writing an essay for the first time. This comprehensive guide will help you choose the best topic to write about when it comes to the Beowulf essay.
Experts Point of View on How to Select the Best Beowulf Essay Topic
While selecting an essay question for your Beowulf essay is not supposed to be difficult, it may seem hard if you have no prior writing experience. Reading the entire book is another cause for concern for some students.
To get the best topic, you have no option but to read the book up to the end to get the flow of the story as well as the characters and each setting. A good topic can be as simple as ‘the most heroic fight in Beowulf.’
A Comprehensive List of Beowulf Essay Topics for Scholars
Let us delve deeper into the main guide of this essay. When choosing a topic Beowulf essay you need to be cautious because answering questions in this book can be quite complex. But with this guide, you will find interesting topics that you can use to write the paper without worrying about misinterpreting the question. The following are some of the topics you can choose:
The reenactment of Grendel’s mother getting the news of her son’s demise
The personae of Beowulf as a leader
Beowulf’s preoccupation with his glory
The concept of woman in the heroic tradition and culture of Beowulf
The importance of lineage as seen in the book
The personality of Beowulf in the story
The Unferth opinions of Beowulf in the story
The thoughtful and ignorant Beowulf
The differences and similarities of Grendel’s mother grievances to those of a grieving human mother
Pagan and Christian elements in Beowulf
The archetypes in Beowulf
Beowulf and the Odyssey deeds and triumphs
The better hero: Beowulf vs. Hercules
Comparison between Beowulf the movie and Beowulf the epic
Correlation between Beowulf and Canterbury Tales
Commonly Asked Beowulf Essay Questions
While reading through the whole story, you may have encountered interesting parts that have questions you would like to answer or questions that sound intriguing. Some of the frequently asked questions include:
What is the role of a mead-hall play in an Anglo-Saxon warrior tradition?
What is the right relationship between a warrior and his lordship?
What is the role of mother in the heroic tradition and culture of Beowulf society?
How do gold and treasure control the attitudes, actions or beliefs of the characters?
What are the effects of digressions and the outcomes on the characters in the course of the story?
Does Beowulf fall short of leadership skills in the story?
Does Beowulf possess the ability to play as a heroic character and a king?
Are the characters in Beowulf essay developed psychologically or do they undergo development as the story unfolds?
Would you consider Beowulf characters ‘Modern’?
How do the characters affect the general story?
What are the various lessons from the songs of Siegmund and Finn?
Here Are Some Proven Beowulf Essay Ideas
After this informative guide on Beowulf, you should not find it hard to get an idea to write about something in Beowulf. These ideas are very useful when putting together the essay. Here is a list of amazing ideas you could use in the essay:
It would be interesting if a writer explained how hand to hand combat and sword art leads to Beowulf’s victory.
A writer can explain how Grendel’s mother even though less powerful in rage tries to enact revenge.
A writer could go in depth as to how Beowulf is still a warrior, despite him being old and how he manages to fight the dragon that has been terrorizing his territory.
In the topic of whether Beowulf was a good leader, you could explain his choice of fighting the dragon and what it means for the future of his kingdom.
Explain how Beowulf’s people sorrowfully accept his death after fighting the dragon; citing how it will enable his enemies to put his kingdom under threats.
Explain how treasure controls the attitudes and actions of characters and what impact it has on their beliefs.
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