Alternative Dispute Resolution in Business

Alternative Dispute Resolution: A conflict diagnosis approach. Laurie S. Coltri.
You are writing this essay as a Dispute Resolution specialist in your organization.. You are being asked to identify your knowledge of Dispute Resolution and to provide an overview of what you learned in the textbook. Your boss has asked you to pick five chapters from your course textbook and tell him/her why you thought they were interesting and the main things that you learned from each chapter. You should clearly tell your reader how you will be able to apply the knowledge of each chapter to a future employment situation. Feel free to cite outside sources to complete the assignment as well.
Each chapter that you pick should be talked about in about a page to a page and half in length.
1) Introduction should discuss the importance of understanding dispute resolution and tell your reader which five chapters that will be discussed in your paper and what you will discuss.2) Second page through 5th page should explain what you learned form each chapter that you picked (Remember-Pick five chapters) and how the material would help you as a professional in a current or future employer. Also, find ONE outside source that relates to each chapter and use that material to support your thoughts about each chapter. Examples of material could be: Peer Reviewed articles, case law etc etc3) You should then end your paper with a conclusion about what you have written and tell your boss why you would consider those five chapters as the most interesting chapters in the text.
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