15 Undergraduate Dissertation Topics That Worked

A dissertation implicates the final project of your Ph.D. program. While students who are obtaining their Master’s degrees have to write theses, potential holders of the Doctor of Science diplomas should compose and defend dissertations. A dissertation is a lengthy assignment made of 20, 50, or even 100 pages depending on the topic complexity. Some topics require more time and efforts than others. In any case, you should conduct research to retrieve relevant information. Except for the external sources, a student should also offer the results of his or her own study.
Unlike with essays and research papers, students always have a right to pick a dissertation topic on their own. It’s about showing your competence and expertise in a particular field of study. This mini-guide on selecting the best dissertation ideas will help to make the right choice!
How to Select the Best Undergraduate Dissertation Topic? 5 Effective Tips
The primary goal is to end up with the relevant topic that is currently discussed in the society. Nobody is interested in outdated issues. You should show that you can help your community with the questions that matter today instead of covering old, well-researched problems. The writing process will seem more pleasant and simpler to you if you select the topic you have a passion for.
Here is how to pick the right topic for your project:
Check the requirements in the prompt section of your dissertation. Perhaps, your professor has several good topic ideas to offer, and you should not waste time choosing the question. Pay attention to the terms and conditions as well as the grading rubric to understand what will take most of your time and effects.
Comparing the existing literature is not enough. Your research should be rather persuasive than informative. It is better to carry out practical research on your own. The most popular types of dissertation research are field and experimental studies. You should try to mix the data collected from sources with your own findings.
You have studied more than 50 or 60 subjects so far. Recall the past years and think about which global research discipline you would like to cover. Check the availability of information for every idea on your list.
Once you decide on the particular field of study, search for the related, up-to-date sources like books, newspapers, scholarly articles, etc. For inspiration, the good idea is to use the search engines for scholarly literature where you can access numerous sources.
You should have no more than top 5 topics that you like. Pick a minor detail or parameter within the selected study field and try to explain it in a few words. This way, you will understand whether you know the issue well. Exclude topics that you find difficult to explain or prove with the help of collected evidence. You may consult your fellows and family members to make the right choice.
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Top List of Undergraduate Dissertation Topics
The topic you choose should have an educational value. Your personal interest also counts, but try to pick formal issues to discuss instead of funny ones.
Here are some of the fresh, relevant ideas for your dissertation from various categories:
Healthcare services for immigrants
Remote learning in rural areas
The role of social networks in promoting new goods and services
A business plan for the upcoming product development company
Empirical analysis of the company’s performance and leadership
Observing and assessing complaints filed in the criminal justice system
An in-depth evaluation of gender and race profiling of suspects
Ways to improve Open Web Architecture
Evaluation of Piaget’s theory of cognitive development
Explaining the process of exposure and its consequences
You may also pick a research question instead of the particular topic. In this case, you will have to provide a clear answer as well as all some possible solutions to the existing problem.
5 Excellent Undergraduate Dissertation Questions
Based on the best dissertations written in 2018, we can come up with the list of the best research questions to investigate. They would be:
What was the role of motherhood in the French Resistance movement?
How did rugby develop in the Republic of Ireland?
How is the past displayed in the Early Modern period?
What are the pros & cons of legalizing cannabis in the United States?
The characteristics of neoliberalism in a working-class field of north Bristol?
What are the differences between the elderly and youth in the United Kingdom?
What is a Marxist approach to greater inclusivity for the disabled people?
Why do some teenage girls abuse their classmates?
What is the effect of club music on alcohol consumption?
How can the government of Australia help to save the rare species of animals from extinction?
You can also specify particular dates when it comes to preparing questions for dissertations in history, literature, anthropology, religious studies, or art. On the whole, including specific years at the end of the research question is effective.
Do You Need Even Greater Undergraduate Dissertation Ideas?
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