10 Most Popular Programming Languages 2020

Hello there, In our Today’s post we are going to discuss the 10 most popular programming languages of 2020. Everyone wants to become a programmer, but there are very few of those who know the benefits and courage you get after learning this fantastic skill. Only a few people can see the functionality behind these programming languages.

So let me get to the point, Before choosing any skills, it’s essential to keep the knowledge about it, Like Does this have the best scope in the future and, How hard it is? And what are the strength of it? Students around the world need to be aware of these languages. Because sometimes they took the stream but don’t know the future of that language, or Do they have the ability to complete that programming. 

Python ProgrammingC ProgrammingC++ ProgrammingJava ProgrammingSwift ProgrammingKotlin ProgrammingRuby ProgrammingPerl ProgrammingC Sharp Programming R programmingPython Programming–

Python is a high-level, general-purpose programming language. The first release in 1991 and its latest version is Python 3.5.9 released on Nov. 2, 2019. In addition, Python is the most popular programming language around the world, according to the stack overflow survey. Moreover, it is the only programming language that has the most straightforward syntax, and you don’t need to learn any Basic programming language to learn Python. 

Python Benefits:

So according to the above stats, Python is the programming language.

You can choose as a beginnerPython has the highest job opportunitiesPython is the only programming language you can learn fast and quickly as compared to others.Use of Python Programming: 

Use to Develop Desktop GUIsWebsitesWeb Applications  Companies using Python:

Popular companies using python in 2020:

Instagram using python for Backend DevelopmentGoogle. SpotifyNetflixUberDropboxPinterestInstacartC Programming: 

Mainly developed as System programming language still is the fastest language used to write operating systems. However, It is a general-purpose, high-level programming language. C programming developed and designed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972. Besides, C is best to build firmware and IDEs. Although, the famous operating systems Linux and Apple’s OS X, Symbian, and Microsoft Windows are produced using the C Programming. Moreover, to develop desktop and mobile applications, we can use C Programming.

C benefits:

Like Python, you can choose this as a Beginner.80% syntax of C++ programming is Like C programming So learning C++ will be easy after learning C.Use of C Programming: 

The main purposes of C programming are

Graphics packages.Word processors.Spreadsheets.Database systemsOperating system development.Compilers and AssemblersCompanies using C Programming:

Google: Android OS Chrome Server Other products.Microsoft: Windows, Visual Studio, Microsoft Server, etc.VMware: Entire product line core.RedHat: Linux means C.Facebook: Apache Hive, Thrift, HHVM, etcApple IncC++ Programming: 

Introduced in 1979 by Bjarne Stroustrup as an extension of the C Programming named as “C with Classes.” Likewise Jave, C++ is the programming language that has the OOPs ( Object- Oriented Programming ) concept. Although if you choose C++ programming, you come to learn about the objects, classes, polymorphism, Inheritance, and Encapsulation.  

Tip: If you are thinking about learning C++ directly, this is going to be difficult for you, we recommend to learn C programming before C++. 

C++ benefits: 

Learning Java going to be very easy for you if you know this Programming language. Use of C++ Programming: 

C++ is a Procedural programming language, so its significant benefits are: 

Provide Control over HardwareC++ is fast, so this is used to develop Games and Gaming PlatformsJava Programming:  

Designed by James Gosling on May 23, 1995, Java is a general-Purpose programming language. Java is a Class-based and fully Object-Oriented Programming Language. Oracle owns Java Programming, and more than 5 billion devices run Java. So learning this programming language will be a great deal. 

Benefits of Java programming: 

The safest Programming Language knows javaUses: 

Java is Helpful to develop applets and Applications Java is used to create a Mobile ApplicationMost Android applications are written in JavaKotlin Programming: 

First Appeared in 2011, Kotlin is also a general-purpose programming language like Java. This programming language is made to remove the disabilities of Java Programming. If we talk about security, functionality, and syntax, Kotlin is far better than Java Because kotlin combines the OOPs and Functional Programming Features. The debugging process is straightforward in Kotlin and also improves the developers’ productivity. 

Benefits Of Kotlin:

Safer than Java Its compiler is Safer and Smarter.Uses Of Kotlin:

You can compile the kotlin code to the JVM. Kotlin is used to create android apps.Swift Programming: 

Swift is the child programming language of Objective C. It is a General Purpose, multi-paradigm Programming language. Which developed by Apple Inc. Besides, Apple is well known for its beautiful designs, and the reason behind it is Swift. Apple’s Engineers planned Swift to be incredible enough for proficient designers. In contrast, if you are looking for a career in Apple, Swift is the programming language you need to Learn.

Benefits Of Swift: 

The Programs built in Swift runs fastCode of Swift is Safe by DesignAccording to Glassdoor, the national average starting salary for an iOS Developer is $85,000/year!Uses of Swift: 

Swift is used to creating Apple Apps.Ruby Programming: 

Designed and developed by Yukihiro “Matz in the mid-1990s. Ruby is a programming language. Although, this is dynamically typed and uses garbage collection. Besides, it has a high strength of metaprogramming.

Uses of Ruby:

Web Application Standard libraries ServersSystem UtilitiesBenefits Of Ruby:

If we use Ruby on Rails in web development, it enhances the MaintainabilityIt has an excellent testing structurePerl Programming: 

Designed by Larry Wall, Perl is a high-level, general-purpose, interpreted, dynamic programming language. Perl originally developed for text manipulation, but now this is used for a wide range of work like web development, network programming, etc. 

Uses of Perl Programming: 

System administration Web Development Network programming GUI developmentBenefits of Perl Programming: 

Perl is Faster than PythonPerl has shortcuts that help you to write fast scriptsC Sharp Programming: 

Also known by C # is a Multi-Paradigm General Purpose Programming language. It’s the latest version 8.0 / Which was released on September 23, 2019. Besides, C# designed and developed by Microsoft Corporation. This programming has the same OOPs concept like C++ and Java if you know C++ and Java So learning C# going to be fun for you.  

Uses of C Sharp: 

Developing desktop applicationsWeb applications and Web Services Creating Microsoft ApplicationsGame development in UnityBenefits of C Sharp: 

Automatic Garbage CollectionMore Legible CodingCross-PlatformEasy-to-DevelopmentBetter IntegrationNo Problem if Memory LeakR programming:

R programming is used for Statistical Computing. Ross Ihaka, Robert Gentleman. Specially developed and designed this programming language for statisticians. Moreover, it is used to make statistical software and data analysis. 

Uses of R Programming:

Statistical ComputingData miningBenefits of R Programming: 

The Array of PackagesQuality Plotting and GraphingPlatform IndependentMachine Learning OperationsI hope, you get all the relevant information about the 10 Popular programming languages of 2020. If you are a computer programming enthusiast and looking for Computer science assignment help So come to us and get the best programming assignment help at cheap prices.

Thank You

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